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    About Marinella ;

    While Marinella stayed in shape riding horses while she was growing up, she finds such opportunities lacking in the big city. She regularly seeks out other ways of staying in shape and loves to work out with a partner. Easily bored when it comes to exercise, Marinella thrives on routines that combine the tried and true exercise strategies such as jogging and swimming with trendier items like naked yoga and tantric yoga.

    “Staying in shape is very important to me,” she admits, “so I work on it a lot. I know that there’s that one pretty talk show host who is famous for her legs. Her legs are insured, which I guess means if she gets hurt or scarred and can’t work, she gets an insurance policy payout? I’ve never quite understood how that is supposed to work. What I do know is that my body is what enables me to do what I do. It’s what makes me valuable. A Brussels escort is judged by how attractive she is. It’s what gets you in the door, so to speak. When a man looks at my profile and compares it to the others, he’s looking at what I have to say and what my interests are, sure, but he’s also looking at my body. He’s asking himself if his preferences and his desires line up with what I’ve got to offer. And it’s a lot more likely that I’ll have that going on for him if I stay hot. I can’t afford to get fat, and I can’t let myself go. I’ve got to be put together every day. And you know what? I love it. I wouldn’t want it to be different. It’s not sexist for me to want to be sexy. It’s not sexist for my clients to want me to be that way either.”