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    About Karina ;

    With her ebony locks providing a stunning contrast against her creamy skin, Karina’s looks are simply breathtaking. She wears the color red very well, and it is one of her favorites to don when she is going out. A native of Brussels, Karina loves to take weekend trips to explore the different areas outside the city. If you want an adventurous lady whose personality captures the carefree spirit of the city, Karina is the perfect choice for you.

    “It is my goal,” she says, “to be the most popular escort in the city. I want to be desired. I want the people who want me to be so overwhelmed with their desire for me that they don’t know how to handle it. Furthermore, I have walked into clubs and bars and watched all my eyes follow me. I’ve seen the heads turn. It’s the most incredible feeling in the world. In a lot of ways, it’s like being a stripper. You’re up there on that pole, and you know that while you’re up there, you’ve got everybody’s attention. They’re all focused on you. And that laser-like focus, that’s like a drug. I can understand why some girls kind of get addicted to fame, you know? Like attention, being noticed is a drug by itself. I have felt the effects of that drug, and I’ve tried very hard not to let it suck me in. But on some level, it always will, because you can’t do this job and be immune to the effects of everyone watching you and wanting you.”