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    About Faiza;

    With her warm and sultry looks, Faiza has a definite South European flavor. Her olive skin, richly bronzed locks, large rounded breasts, and firm bottom are features that she is always eager to highlight when she dresses. In addition, you will never find Faiza looking anything less than totally made up and ready for a night out on the town. An eager dancer, this Brussels escort is just now beginning to explore some of the more sensual aspects of dancing. She really enjoys being able to use her body in new and invigorating ways that bring tons of pleasure to the man she is with.

    “When I meet a client for the first time,” Faiza says, “I like to tell him where I’m at emotionally. You know, like what I’m feeling? I’m still a relatively fresh face, but I’m learning that men really like it when you lay it all out on the table for them. I think this is because, for most of the rest of their lives, they get these confused or mixed signals or signals that are masked so completely that they don’t know how to interpret them. Just something as simple as, ‘Where would you like to eat?’ could touch off an argument when these men talk to non-professional dates or significant others. I honestly don’t know how any modern man manages to sustain a relationship with that kind of woman in the modern world. Women have been taught to be so critical and ungrateful that it’s a wonder anyone can deal with them.”