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    About Daliana ;

    She goes on, “When a man looks at me with lust in his heart, that is such a turn-on,” she says. “That feeling of hunger, that look of need, that a man gives you, is the most wonderful sensation in the world. Part of the reason that’s true is that it validates me, you know? It makes me know I’m the person I need to be. It gives me the sense that everything I’m doing, all the workouts, all the effort I put in, is absolutely having results. That guy, he wants me because I’m so hot. He wants my body. He wants my presence. Furthermore, he wants to be close to me, and he wants to see how I’ll react when he chats me up. A guy who has never been with a woman as attractive as I am becomes so adorable when you finally give him your attention. He loves to be talked to. He loves to ask questions and be asked about himself. That’s all I do is just give a man a chance.”

    Daliana concludes, “Women don’t realize that every man is an open book. If you just treat him with kindness and respect, you’ll get everything you have ever wanted in return. A man who is getting the treatment he wants from a pretty girl… he’ll do anything to pay her back. He wants to please her, and he is extremely loyal. Girls don’t get that. They think they deserve loyalty just for existing. A man needs to know that you value him, but once you show him that you do, there’s nothing he won’t do for you in return. I reflect on that a lot because I think if more women knew that, they would not only be happier, but a lot of guys would be happier too. But if you point that out, women get all defensive about it. That’s a shame.”