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    About Andrea ;

    Andrea is a recent transplant to the European Capital city, having grown up in a small town some distance away. Her exotic and provocative looks made her instantly popular as she set about realizing her dream of becoming a model and an actress. She loves honing her skills at both acting and modeling with her friends. Modeling for you will give Andrea valuable insight into what she can do to put her best assets forward.

    As a Brussels escort, Andrea thinks she has the best of both worlds. She is able to meet so many wonderful men while also getting to see more of Brussels. She loves to dress up and go out to dinner at one of the city’s many authentic restaurants and clubs. Andrea has a calm and unflappable personality. There is not much that will faze this girl since she has seen and done it all. Never the type of girl to stay at home, Andrea likes to get out with her friends and listen to music while dancing with them at the newest dance clubs in the city.